+  I studied at Pivot Point International Academy and I've been doing hair for 7 years. That's 2,555 grande iced lattes (with lots of cinnamon and 2 packets of equal!) worth of work to be exact. 
+ Prior to starting my own thang I worked at a high end salon in Chicago for about 4 years.
+ I specialize in color, extensions and styling.



fun stuff 

+ If I could my diet would consist of drinking coke and eating pizza and tacos. Did I mention tacos?
+ My style is best described as tomboy chic.
+ I love music ALMOST as much as I love doing hair. Speaking of, I basically only listen to 90's jams. Im super I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T currently rapping this out loud )
+ I like to think I'm funny & a really good singer (I'M NOT)
+ My work ethic = get it from my momma
+ Inspiration...everyone and everything